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Phone:+49 341 926590

Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 19.00

Phone:+49 341 926590

Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 19.00

The largest e-commerce association in Europe
with more than 80,000 secured online presences

Our marketing services

Expand your target market through effective marketing.

As well as high-quality, sound legal texts and useful tools for building trust with your customers, membership of the Händlerbund gives you access to a wide range of marketing services.

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01 More than 300 special partner discounts and general agreements for members

You can enjoy a wide range of discounts from well-known e-commerce partners (inc. payment providers, agencies, shop system providers) and benefit from our general agreements with attractive special conditions (inc. Europcar, bepado, Händlerbund Packaging Shop).

02 Social media support on Facebook & Twitter

Unlimited members can introduce themselves to around 17,500 Händlerbund fans** and around 8,000 followers***. If desired, we can also publicize your initial membership with the Händlerbund on our Facebook page as well as via our Twitter account.

03 Use of the Händlerbund membership logo

Show visitors to your site and potential customers that you are trading in accordance with the law. This builds trust and increases your conversion rate. The logo files can be downloaded from the Händlerbund members area.

04 Participation in our rewards scheme

Our free rewards scheme offers you the chance to receive cash rewards using the most up-to-date tracking technologies and advertising materials.

05 The latest e-commerce industry news

You’ll be kept up to date with the latest news from OnlinehaendlerNews Daily and OnlinehaendlerNews Weekly. Topics include law, marketing, search engine optimization, payments, international trade and much more.

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