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The Arbitration Board for Competition Law Disputes

The Arbitration Board for Competition Law Disputes offers online merchants an uncomplicated, quick and cost-effective way to settle competition disputes out of court.

The arbitration board is voluntary.

Only fully qualified lawyers of the court who are unaffiliated and impartial are called upon to be mediators. After hearing from both parties, the mediator puts forward a proposal for an out-of-court settlement that the parties can agree upon thereby finding a legally effective end to the conflict.

The parties concerned will save not only time, but also money.
The conciliatory proceedings carry a one-time processing-fee of €195.00 plus VAT.
The fee will be paid by the parties concerned. The regulations on the allocation of costs is a part of the out-of-court settlement.

For the parties concerned there is no risk of litigation.

A competition law written warning would be superfluous. As a rule, the parties concerned both save on legal processes.

In comparison to a legal written warning you save around €1,100.

Competition law violations carry an amount in dispute of at least €10,000. The cost of commissioning lawyers for both parties can amount to €1,300.

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Your advantages:

  • quick arbitration
  • a more direct path
  • no cost or risk of litigation
  • fully qualified, unaffiliated and impartial mediators
  • cost-effective

The Arbitration Board offers an uncomplicated, quick and cost-effective way to settle competition disputes out of court.

Let us show you how a conciliatory proceeding works

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Step 1:

You notice a competition law violation and put in an application to the arbitration board.

Step 2:

The mediator checks the matter and forwards the process to the opposition.

Step 3:

The opposition has the opportunity to explain the violation and to give a statement.

Step 4:

After assessing the facts, the mediator submits a settlement proposal.

Step 5:

If both parties accept the proposal, the proceedings are legally closed.

What happens when an agreement cannot be reached?

If an isolated case reaches no agreement, the claimant will be met with no legal disadvantages. He/She can immediately seek legal assistance without further warning letters. The previously submitted settlement proposal presented by the mediator helps to better assess the chances of a legal settlement.

If you should have any questions, please contact us at +49 341 926 59 600.

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