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Phone:+49 341 926590

Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 19.00

Phone:+49 341 926590

Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 19.00

The largest e-commerce association in Europe
with more than 80,000 secured online presences

Thank you for your registration.

We are happy to welcome you to Händlerbund and will gladly help you to keep your online business legally secure and protect you against written warnings.

Andreas Arlt
Chair of the Board / Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

What`s coming next

You will soon receive a welcome e-mail to confirm your registration to Händlerbund. With this e-mail we will send you your login information to the member`s dashboard.

Please follow the link to the member`s dashboard and make sure that you fill in the required information completely and correctly. After we receive this data, we can start to create your legal texts.

Any questions? Please contact us via e-mail info@haendlerbund.de or via phone +49 341/ 92 65 90.

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