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(Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 19.00) +49 341 926590

Fax: 0341 / 926 59 100 E-Mail: info@haendlerbund.de

Phone:+49 341 926 59 560

Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 19.00

Phone:+49 341 926 59 560

Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 19.00

The largest e-commerce association in Europe
with more than 80,000 secured online presences


Trade within Germany and be legally secured

If your business wants to enter the German market, then there’s no getting around Germany’s consumer protection laws. Breaching these laws can result in legal action and possible temporary injunctions. We will advise and represent you in all areas of online trade and you will be able to trade successfully and safely.

Rechtssicherheit Legal Security for

80,000 secured online presences can’t be wrong. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a trader or an online shop owner: we legally secure your online business.

Sprachrohr The Mouthpiece and Partner in

We represent the political and economic interests of our members. In doing so we advance the entire e-commerce sector.

Austausch An Exchange between Traders and Service Providers

We understand the e-commerce sector as a whole - online traders matter as do the service providers. Only together can we move forward.

"We have given ourselves the task of ensuring more security and trust in online business. In addition Händlerbund, as an association of interests, represents its members with regard to politics and industry. In this way, online retailers obtain the best possible framework conditions for successful trading on the Internet."

Andreas Arlt
Federal Chairman of the Board

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HB Marketplace

With the specially developed HB Marketplace, we are bringing our entire retailer network together, laying another foundation stone for a large community.
Smart & Flexibly Connected

HB Expert Center

The HB Expert Center introduces competent e-commerce service providers and gives online retailers the opportunity to search specifically for their perfect service provider or contractor.
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