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Our tips for legal warnings:

  • Do NOT sign the cease-and-desist declaration right away!
  • Do NOT pay the fine right away!
  • Get assistance immediately and pay attention to the given deadlines!
  • Take a breath: We're here to help
Legal Warning

Our legal representation for warnings – We deliver!

Incorrect legal texts, the unauthorised use of an image, the lack of a basic price indication or incorrect product labelling can be reasons for receiving a warning from competitors, consumer protection associations or competition associations. Expensive post from a lawyer is a nuisance in online business, but a warning is nothing to take lightly. Get help from experts to avoid additional costs.

What is the right course to take when a warning lands in your hands? First of all keep calm, because Händlerbund has a simple solution ready for you. With the Unlimited or Professional Membership Package, you receive immediate and competent warning assistance from our experienced lawyers. Even if you are at fault, you can still make use of our warning representation. We will always help you!

What distinguishes us from other providers?

We also take over your warning retroactively and can show enough expertise in all things regarding legal warning representation. After all, our lawyers process several hundred warnings per month. In accordance with our legal protection regulations, we represent you through all courts without any additional costs – we guarantee this and are also liable in an emergency.

Warning uploader

Use the warning uploader and send us all documents. In order to be able to represent you retroactively, it is necessary to book the Unlimited or Professional membership package. You’ll also benefit from many other services, such as a shop inspection, legal text services and much more.

Warning uploader

Send us all documents now. In order to be able to represent you retroactively, it is necessary to book the Unlimited or Professional membership package. You’ll also benefit from many other services, such as a shop inspection, legal text services and much more.

What happens once I've uploaded my legal warning?

Choose a membership package

After you have uploaded your legal warning it's time to choose your membership package. As an Unlimited or Professional member we will help you with your written warning. Apart from that you will have access to many more e-commerce services.

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Our experienced lawyers will take over from here. We have processed more than 26.000 legal warnings and you will receive fast assistance from our experienced lawyers.
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If there is anything you need help with, just let us know, we are always glad to help. Use our Callback Service to choose a time that suits you and we will get back to you.

Assistance with legal warnings

  • Legal texts in 8 languages
  • Unlimited legal advice via e-mail and telephone
  • Assistance with legal warnings – no matter if it's your fault or not
  • Comprehensive shop inspection
  • Certification with Käufersiegel trust mark
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FAQ Legal warnings


Legal warning – What to do?

If you have received a legal warning, remain calm and do not sign the cease-and-desist declaration with penalty clause immediately! Do not postpone the process too long, as deadlines must be met. Ideally, you should get direct help from Händlerbund to avoid further costs and penalties. Find more information here.

What are the most frequent reasons for cease-and-desist letters?

Erroneous or missing legal texts, especially in the times of the GDPR, are frequent reasons for warnings. But also the unauthorised use of a picture, the absence of the basic price information or a wrong product identification are reasons why one may receive a warning.

Do I have to submit the cease-and-desist declaration?

In addition to the warning letter, a cease-and-desist declaration with a penalty clause is usually enclosed, which should be signed by the retailer being warned – these often contain excessive conditions and high contractual penalties. With a modified cease-and-desist declaration from Händlerbund, you can minimise or even avoid the risk of warning. Send us your warning documents! We will help you immediately!

What deadlines must I observe regarding a warning?

Of course, there is also a deadline to be observed in the warning, which should be adhered to. The deadlines refer on one hand to the elimination of the error on your website, and on the other hand, to the signing of the cease-and-desist declaration with penalty. If you exceed the deadlines, which are usually between 6 and 31 days, you may face further warnings. The average warning costs per warning amount to €500.

Do I need a lawyer in case of a warning?

The competitive pressure within the e-commerce industry has increased sharply in recent years. Among them are warning lawyers who finance themselves exclusively at the expense of online merchants. In this case, legal assistance is particularly important. As part of the Unlimited membership package, a specialised lawyer will represent you in your matters.

Can I protect myself against warnings?

There is no 100% protection against warnings. Nevertheless, the risk can be minimised by reacting to changes in the law, having your website checked for legal errors and incorporating currently valid legal texts. To ensure this, you need a strong partner at your side who will look after you around the clock in all competition law matters – Händlerbund. Become a member today!

* All prices are net plus mandatory sales tax. The minimum contract term is 12 months.
** Help with warnings is a voluntary solidarity support service for members of the Händlerbund e.V. The conditions of the warning assistance result from the legal protection order of the Händlerbund e.V.