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Labour Law

Litigation between employers and employees is not uncommon. Händlerbund would like to accompany employers in the clarification of such disputes. We support you in labour law disputes and, if you wish, we can arrange a competent specialist lawyer for labour law for you.

Support in Labour Law Disputes

The causes of conflicts in the work environment vary:
  • the effect of legal warnings
  • procedure in the field of protection against dismissal
  • disagreements about compensation and vacation entitlements
  • validity of fixed-term employment contracts and termination agreements
  • legal disputes over certificates of employment

In the event of serious disputes between employers and employees, breaches of contract or unlawful conduct, it is generally advisable to consult a lawyer.

Your benefits as an Unlimited member:

  • mediation of a specialist lawyer for labour law
  • subsidy for labour disputes

This is how Händlerbund supports you:

One of your employees opens a mail order business in a sideline job that offers similar products to your own online shop. You want to defend yourself against the competition of your employee. As part of the Unlimited Membership you will be provided with a specialist lawyer for labour law on request. If you have to bear the costs of the lawyer's work for the lawyer you have arranged yourself, e.g. because you do not have legal expenses insurance, Händlerbund can grant you a subsidy. The subsidy for legal activities is €150.00 per individual case for extrajudicial disputes and €250.00 per instance for judicial proceedings.

Service Overview

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  • unlimited number of legally secured online presences
  • provision of national and international legal texts
  • unlimited access to legal advice
  • unlimited representation in the event of legal action
  • your online shop checked by an expert legal team
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