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Phone:+49 341 926590

Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 19.00

Phone:+49 341 926590

Mon.-Fri. 8.30 - 19.00

The largest e-commerce association in Europe
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About Händlerbund

Since its foundation in Leipzig in 2008, Händlerbund has been actively committed to the further development of the entire e-commerce industry. The 360° e-commerce network with its members and service partners supports retailers from all over Europe in their professionalisation. Due to the rapid development of e-commerce, Händlerbund has quickly become Europe's largest online trade association.

The Händlerbund Timeline – 10 years of online trade

  • It all begins with a Leipzig law firm. Andreas Arlt founds the Händlerbund on 3 October 2008. There are a handful of employees and a fax machine that rarely stands still.


    Airbnb, Zalando, Groupon, JTL, Kaufda, Spotify and eDarling were also founded in 2008.

  • 3,000 secure shops

    At Händlerbund, warnings of affected retailers are increasing daily. The Händlerbund employs four lawyers. Ten years later, there will be more than 30 experts in dozens of areas of law.


    At that time German online trade had a turnover of €13 billion. Of that turnover, 11% is through Amazon.

  • 5,000 secure shops

    Andreas Arlt, Tim Arlt and Frank Herrmann occupy the board. The leadership of Händlerbund remains unchanged to this day.


    In December 2010, the first newsletter is sent to 3,488 recipients. Today we send our newsletters to over 1.3 million recipients per month.

  • 10,000 secure shops

    In July 2011, the trade blog OnlinehändlerNews is launched. The marketing department with four employees is created. The Prokur debt collection service protects retailers from payment defaults by their customers.


    In July 2011, OnlinehändlerNews goes online. Today, the specialist blogs visit around 250,000 readers every month.

  • 18,000 secure shops

    We offer a T&Cs interface for automatically updating legal texts. From now on an entire customer service team will look after the members.


    German online trade has doubled since its foundation. Every fifth euro is earned via Amazon.

  • 22,000 secure shops

    Händlerbund expands its offices to a second building. More than 100 employees will already be employed in 2013. Two years later, the number will have doubled. The partner firm ITB Attorneys at Law is founded.


    We have over 4,000 fans on Facebook. In three years, it'll be over 20,000.

  • 30,000 secure shops

    The Consumer Rights Directive is overrunning the industry. The lines run hot until late at night – the board members also step in. In order to better represent the interests of our members and to have our finger on the pulse of decisions, we are opening an office in Berlin in 2014. We are the first German agency to join the umbrella organisation Ecommerce Europe.


    The 1st E-Commerce Meeting Place will take place in Berlin.

  • 40,000 secure shops

    We found telbes as a professional customer service for our retailers. In the ARCUS Park we are expanding to a second floor.


    Women's quota in the IT sector? No problem. Today, 63% of our employees are women.

  • 50,000 secure shops

    We are expanding our offices on two floors. The employees have their own fitness room, the SkyLounge with terrace, Playstation, table tennis and ice cream freezer at their disposal.


    Trainer Hagen has been giving fitness courses for our team since 2012. Since then, the Leipzig company run has been a fixed date in the calendar.

  • 60,000 secure shops

    The telbes customer service starts. SellerBoost, Network.A and AmzCheck are going to start. Meanwhile, training days, workshops, seminars and conferences for online retailers take place nationwide.


    The Händlerbund event team organises more than 180 events a year within the framework of the E-Commerce Campus.

  • 80,000 secure shops

    The GDPR enters into force. Händlerbund has experienced the strongest growth in membership since it was founded. The first in-house trade fair – Net&Work together with Michael Atug – attracts over 1,300 visitors.


    The turnover in German online trade has quadrupled to around €60 billion since the foundation of Händlerbund.

What I particularly like about Händlerbund is that I can work independently, bring in my own ideas and adapt my training content to my interests. read more about Maria
Maria Bero (20)
Office Management Apprentice
Maria Bero
When I joined Händlerbund seven years ago, I hardly knew anything about the e-commerce industry. SEO was also an absolute foreign word for me, which changed quickly. read more about Stefanie
Stefanie Dau (31)
Inhouse SEO Team Leader
Stefanie Dau
On 1 June 2016, a new phase of my professional career began – I started working at Händlerbund. Even on my first rehearsal workday, the new job was attractive to me and the colleagues were amazingly friendly. So I jumped right in. read more about Lars
Lars Kuklok
Customer Service Representative
Lars Kuklok
In 2009, Händlerbund just half a year old, I with the second state law exam and a master in my pocket did not want to work in a typical law firm and am also not the type for public administration. read more about Anne
Anne Mayer
Legal Department Director
Anne Mayer
When I joined the Händlerbund in 2014, we were just under 100 employees. I came to Leipzig in 2006 to train as an IT specialist and later studied at the vocational academy. read more about Mischa
Mischa (33)
Web Developer
For the marketing team at Händlerbund, I am literally 'jack of all trades'. The variety in my job with constantly new challenges is extremely fun for me. read more about Maurice
Maurice Riehl (34)
Marketing Assistant
Maurice Riehl

A Representation of Interests – the 360° Principle

Since the founding of the Händlerbund in 2008, our focus has clearly been on the representation of interests and legal support in online retail. However, e-commerce has become much more complex in the last ten years. Thus, a new service network emerged from the needs of our members.

Within this network the representation of interests is still one of the central tasks of the association. For this reason, Händlerbund has offices in Berlin and Brussels, for example, and actively participates in political events with statements and recommendations for action. In addition, our other service partners have adapted to the diverse needs of the e-commerce industry.

Much More than Legal Services

Händlerbund continues to offer proven legal texts as well as legal advice, warning protection and everything that is required for legal protection in e-commerce. When we speak of Händlerbund today, we mean a larger network that will continue to grow in the future.

This includes, for example, our wide range of news. OnlinehändlerNews always informs about current events in the industry, gives valuable legal tips, and in the meantime, even publishes a monthly print magazine with background reports. In addition, we also offer events throughout Germany that support companies in their professionalisation in a very practical way.

But that's not all. The HB Expert Center connects retailers and agencies with each other and telbes offers professional customer services. And that's not the end of it either. On our website, you will find detailed information about all our network partners.

Professional Services – Perfectly Matched

Each service stands on its own and can be used independently of other booked services. However, if you decide to choose several of our service partners, you will receive professional services that fit together perfectly. Our many years of experience, which have shaped and further developed our own self-image since 2008, are of particular help to us in this respect. The result is a comprehensive service network that competently supports e-commerce companies in their professionalisation.

Find out now about Händlerbund’s services.

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