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Phone:+49 341 926 59 560

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The largest e-commerce association in Europe
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Händlerbund is the service network for everything concerning digital and stationary trade. Together with its members and partners, Händlerbund promotes the professionalisation of several tens of thousands of online retailers throughout Europe. Händlerbund works with service partners that cover the entire value chain. With its many years of experience in e-commerce, Händlerbund is also committed to serving the interests of the entire industry at the political level.

A Representation of Interests – with a 360° Approach

Since its founding in 2008, Händlerbund has been clearly focused on representing customer interests and providing legal support in online trading. E-commerce has become much more complex over the last 10 years. This is how a new service network developed based on the needs of our members.

Within this network, the fair representation of political interests remains one of the central tasks of the association. For this reason, Händlerbund has offices in Berlin and Brussels and actively participates in political processes with statements and recommendations for action. Our other service partners have also responded to the diverse needs of the e-commerce industry.

A lot more than just a legal services provider.

Händlerbund will of course continue to offer proven legal texts as well as legal advice, protection against legal written warnings and everything else having to do with legal protection in e-commerce. When we talk about Händlerbund today, however, we are talking about a larger network that will continue to grow in the future.

This includes, for example, our wide range of news sources. OnlineHändlerNews and Digital Business News provide information on current events in the industry, give valuable legal advice and much, much more. OnlineHändlerNews is also available as a print version in German. In addition, we also offer events throughout Germany that support companies in their professionalisation efforts.

But that’s not all - Network.A connects merchants and agencies and telbes offers professional customer services - and that’s still not all. On our website, you’ll find detailed information about all the partners involved in our network.

Professional Services – Perfectly Coordinated

Every service can be used independently of other booked services. However, if you decide to work with several of our business partners, the services will be perfectly intertwined. This is where our many years of experience come into play, which have shaped and further developed our own self-concept since 2008. Thus, a pure association and legal service provider has developed into an extensive service network that competently supports e-commerce companies in their professionalisation.

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