Registration of a Trademark by a Lawyer - With Our Branding Packages

Your brand is something very special, that's clear. That's why we support you in the registration process in a way that suits you best. Because in trademark law, taking shortcuts can cost you dearly in the long run: with lost time and fees if a trademark registration is unsuccessful - or perhaps even with a warning letter because the newly registered trademark unknowingly infringes on the rights of an older trademark.

We assist you in all areas of trademark registration - and, if desired, beyond registration with trademark monitoring. Our specialized lawyers will accompany you on your journey to a successful trademark registration.

Do I really need a brand - or can I do without it?

If you're already considering registering a brand, for example to protect the name of a product or service, for a logo or for your company name, then the answer is yes. Because you already know the value that the brand would create to position yourself clearly to customers and stand out from the competition.

A brand gives you:

  1. exclusive usage rights
  2. another opportunity to strengthen customer trust
  3. the ability to issue usage licenses or start a franchise
  4. security from the beginning, even with rapid growth
Even for small business owners and founders, a brand can be worthwhile. Founders can even apply for funding for it.

Once your brand has been successfully registered and you trade on Amazon, you can also register your brand there to access enhanced options that support you in marketing your products. We are happy to advise you on this within the framework of our trademark packages.

How do I get a brand?

In order to register a brand, the following characteristics must be met, among others:

  1. It must be distinctive
  2. It must not contain terms that need to be freely available
  3. It must not be descriptive

In addition to a trademark search, which should ensure beforehand that no rights of older trademarks are violated, an application to the German Patent and Trademark Office also requires a decision on the appropriate trademark form and the individual determination of the goods and services list based on the Nice Classification. We are available to answer any questions you may have. Our lawyers will check the protectability and take care of all correspondence with the trademark office as part of our trademark law packages. We also handle the payment process.

Our branding packages for Germany and the EU

You are in good hands with us at all times, from research to trademark registration for word marks, word / image marks, and image marks - and optionally beyond. You will be personally supported by our specialized lawyers who will handle the entire registration process for you.

Upon request, we also provide advice within the framework of our trademark law packages on registering your brand on Amazon.

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Branding Package DE

One-time price of 479 Euro* (plus official fees)
  • Consultation on trademark form
  • Examination of registration and protectability
  • Consultation on creating the list of goods and services
  • Registration of the trademark in Germany
  • Payment processing and complete correspondence with the DPMA (German Patent and Trademark Office)
  • Personal support by our lawyers
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Branding Package EU

One-time price of 899 Euro* (plus offical fees)
  • Consultation on trademark form
  • Examination of registration and protectability
  • Consultation on creating the list of goods and services
  • Registration of the trademark in the EU
  • Payment processing and complete correspondence with the EUIPO
  • Personal support by our lawyers
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Our individual solution: Examination of registration and protectability

Are you still unsure whether your brand can even be registered? We are happy to take care of the examination of the protectability and registration capability for you exclusively.

Examination of registration and protectability

One-time price of 99 Euro*

  • Examination of protectability
  • Examination of registration capability including identity search
  • Consultation by a specialized lawyer
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Why do I need a trademark search?

If you want to register your trademark with the trademark office, you should have a similarity search carried out beforehand. Because trademark applications or registrations can violate older trademarks. Therefore, it is best to make sure in advance, otherwise, in the worst case, there is a risk of claims for damages or the deletion of the trademark that you have just registered.

What are Nice classes?

The Nice Classification is an internationally applicable system for subdividing trademark registrations. There are 45 Nice classes - 34 for goods and 11 for services.

What does it cost to register a trademark with the DPMA and the EUIPO?

In addition to the registration fee of 300 euros, class fees may also apply at the DPMA. Three classes are included in the basic fee, and for each additional class, fees of 100 euros are charged.

The basic fee at the EUIPO is 850 euros, including one class. The fee for the second class is 50 euros, and the cost is 150 euros per additional class from the third class onwards.

How long is the trademark protected?

After registration, trademark protection lasts for 10 years and can then be extended for another 10 years.

Why is trademark monitoring useful?

After registering your trademark, you should monitor it - and not just as a nice extra. Because with trademark registration come not only rights but also obligations. This includes the active protection of your trademark. The trademark office itself does not monitor whether newly registered trademarks violate the rights of older trademarks. We also recommend that you monitor your trademark on search engines such as Google and sales platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

What are the most commonly used types of trademarks?

    1. Word mark (e.g. Milka, MACBOOK, 4711): Includes Latin print letters with common special characters and numbers, in black and white combination and without graphic elements. The word mark provides the broadest scope of protection. You can use it, for example, to protect your product or company name.
    2. Word / image mark (e.g. McDonald's with a curved "M"): Consists of a combination of word and image elements and can be black and white or color.
    3. Image mark (e.g. bitten apple of Apple): Consists solely of an image and can be black and white or color.

As part of our trademark law packages, we handle the registration for these three types of trademarks.

In addition, there are numerous other forms, such as three-dimensional trademarks, scent, color or sound trademarks.

* All prices are net plus mandatory sales tax. The minimum contract term is 12 months.