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Käufersiegel – trust mark

An online trustmark offers online retailers the opportunity to demonstrate potential customers that they are trustworthy. Online retailers with an online trustmark will stand out from the competition and can build trust among buyers, which will in turn increase the chances of selling.

Start building trust on the internet!

Buyers are still wary of untrustworthy and unreliable retailers. Loss of sales and falls in revenue are the consequences. The Käufersiegel can help you to overcome these difficulties and build trust among your potential customers.

Increase your revenue!

The Käufersiegel offers an effective marketing tool and demonstrates that you have been thoroughly checked against quality criteria following an individual shop inspection of your shop. Aspiring online retailers are given the opportunity to set themselves apart from the competition, demonstrate to potential customers that they are trustworthy, and ultimately achieve a sustainable increase in revenue.

Reduce the number of cancelled sales!

Integrated customer protection guarantees a secure shopping experience for your customers. Käufersiegel supports well-known payment methods such as PayPal, Klarna, Ratepay or purchase on account. Customers identify with these, and that builds trust in your business.

  • The Käufersiegel is awarded after a successful inspection of your online shop, in which we check it using a set of quality criteria.
  • A personal legal expert accompanies you throughout the entire certification process.
  • All relevant legal texts are provided to no extra cost.
  • A detailed web-based inspection report will help you resolve any issues quickly and easily.
  • You receive an online certificate, which is an effective marketing tool that your customers can also access quickly and easily to ensure the validity of your Käufersiegel trust mark.
  • Integrated customer protection ensures fewer sales cancellations.

Requirements for successful certification

  • You have your own online store with a checkout system.
  • You sell only physical products (no downloadable products, no services) and / or offer repair services (via a checkout system and without providing a quote or estimate beforehand).
  • Your offers are aimed exclusively at consumers or at consumers and contractors (no exclusive B2B sales).
  • You have an integrated payment method that comes with its own customer protection and is therefore recognised by Käufersiegel (e.g. PayPal, Klarna, Ratepay).

The complete solution for online traders aiming for success

Unlimited Membership €49.90*p. mth.
  • Käufersiegel certification when you fulfill the prerequisites
  • creation of secure legal texts including assumption of liability guarantee
  • unlimited access to legal advice
  • unlimited representation for legal action
  • Käufersiegel Customer Review for an unlimited number of online shops
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* All prices are net plus mandatory sales tax payable as an annual fee.
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