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Are you a retailer, blogger, influencer, or showcasing your products or services online and in need of legal advice from an experienced attorney? Do you have questions about a legal issue that affects your business? Due to the frequently changing legal regulations, many online retailers and businesses in e-commerce are uncertain about implementing the legal requirements. Professional legal advice from a specialized attorney is often associated with high costs.

To ensure the necessary legal security for your shop or online presence, you will receive competent legal advice via telephone and/or email as part of the Premium, Unlimited, and Professional membership packages - and there are no additional costs for you. Our specialized lawyers will help you quickly and easily. For this purpose, you will have a personal contact person available during your membership with the Händlerbund.

Our services regarding legal advice


Personal contact person


Starting from 29,90 Euro* per month


Legal advice by specialized lawyers

Memberships in Detail

  • Direct assistance with written warnings without waiting times.
  • Representation in case of already received warning letters
  • Legal representation even if you are at fault
  • Out-of-court and judicial representation
  • Of course, with liability assumption
Memberships in Detail

Legal advice from Händlerbund

Why legal advice from Händlerbund?

German law holds some pitfalls for online retailers, service providers, influencers, and others. If you want to do business on the Internet, you need not only legal texts but also image rights and must also comply with many legal provisions, such as the indication of the base price. If mistakes are made, it can quickly lead to misunderstandings with the customer or to a costly warning.

To avoid this, the legal experts of Händlerbund are there to help, because our team of lawyers has years of expertise in IT law. As an entrepreneur, you can concentrate fully on your online business and do not have to deal with complex and incomprehensible legal details. If a legal question arises, as a Händlerbund member, you can quickly ask a lawyer online or, depending on the package, claim legal advice by phone. A personal contact person is available to you during your membership.

What do members get from Händlerbund?

Depending on the booked package, you will receive legal advice by email or by phone. So you can quickly and easily ask a lawyer about your problem at any time via email or phone. In addition, you can have individual legal texts created for your online presence, such as terms and conditions. These include a free update service for the entire term. You can find out the exact services from the respective membership packages.


High customer satisfaction

To provide the best possible service, we regularly survey our members about their satisfaction. They give us top marks: an average of 9.9 out of 10 points (as of 02/2020). See for yourself.

Which legal areas do our lawyers advise on?

Each website is unique, and so are the legal requirements that arise from the specifics of your industry. We provide legal advice on questions related to your online presence and give you sufficient information and implementation guidelines for changes in laws. Whether you need legal advice for your online shop, website or blog - one of our experienced lawyers will be your personal contact for individual legal advice. The Händlerbund lawyers advise on the following legal areas:

  1. Terms and conditions law
  2. Distance selling law
  3. Competition law
  4. General contract law
  5. General copyright and trademark law
  6. Data protection law
  7. General product labeling questions
  8. Price indication

Further services from Händlerbund

Legal texts for online shops, marketplaces and more

As a member of Händlerbund, you receive all the important legal texts for your online presence, such as terms and conditions, imprint, cancellation policy and privacy policy. Also available in different languages.

Shop inspection

Your online shop will be reviewed by IT law specialists up to the order overview. The review criteria include all legal foundations that are important for online commerce. Before, during, and after the review, a personal contact person will be available to answer your questions.

Assistance with legal warnings

Incorrect legal texts, unauthorized use of an image, or the absence of basic pricing information can be grounds for a warning. We also represent you retroactively in the event of a warning - and at no extra cost.



What is legal advice?

Legal advice refers to the consultation provided to a natural or legal person regarding a specific legal issue. Only a few are authorized to offer legal advice to protect the person seeking advice, including consumer centers, universities, and of course lawyers. Nowadays, legal advice is often offered online or over the phone, in addition to in-person consultations.

Who does the Händlerbund offer legal advice through specialized lawyers for?

The Händlerbund specializes in merchants and service providers who offer their goods or services online. Legal advice often revolves around the online shop, but other topics related to the online sector also arise. Therefore, members are predominantly:

  1. Merchants who sell goods in their own online shop
  2. Merchants who sell on sales platforms such as Amazon or eBay
  3. Merchants who showcase their products online but do not sell them
  4. Operators of social media presences such as influencers
  5. Bloggers, affiliates, and other website operators

When is legal advice useful?

In particular, legal advice is useful for entrepreneurs who operate on the internet before beginning their business. Legal texts are required, customer notices should be properly placed, and laws and jurisprudence demand a lot from you as an entrepreneur and your business. Consulting a lawyer in a timely manner can prevent expensive mistakes that can lead to warnings. However, during business activities, it is also advisable to regularly seek advice from a lawyer. The online business is rapidly evolving, and new tools and legal changes require prompt action. It is good to know that you can always seek advice from a Händlerbund lawyer.

In what form does the Händlerbund offer legal advice?

You have the option to receive legal advice by email or phone, depending on your membership package.

The top issues for legal advice at the Händlerbund

  1. Warranty cases in the B2C and B2B sectors
  2. Assertion of guarantees / presentation of guarantee conditions in the shop
  3. Virtual ban on entry (Can I exclude customers?)
  4. Withdrawal cases (refund of shipping and return costs, value compensation for damaged returned goods, return despite the expiration of the withdrawal period)
  5. Transport risks
  6. Consequences of non-delivery by customers
  7. Refusal of acceptance of goods by the customer
  8. Price and basic price shipping costs
  9. Delivery times (information in the shop, legal consequences in case of non-compliance)
  10. Textile labeling, energy efficiency classes, packaging regulations
  11. Data protection (e.g., questions about legally compliant newsletter dispatch)
  12. Information obligations after the conclusion of the contract
  13. Use of product images by third parties or by third parties
  14. Use of third-party logos (what needs to be considered in general)
  15. Use of brand names in connection with non-original accessories
  16. Questions about legal texts provided by us
  17. Questions about legal information / implementation instructions for the shop in case of changes in the law / changes in jurisprudence

Who will advise me?

At the Händlerbund, you will be advised by lawyers who are particularly knowledgeable in e-commerce and can therefore competently answer your questions. You can get to know them better on our "Legal" team page.

What does legal advice cost at the Händlerbund?

Asking a lawyer for advice is usually expensive, and the costs can vary significantly. While individual legal advice from a local lawyer is often associated with high costs, legal advice is included in the Händlerbund membership packages Premium, Unlimited, and Professional. In the Premium membership package starting at €24.90* per month, you receive a monthly quota of 10 emails (unlimited number of characters). In the Unlimited and Professional memberships you can receive unlimited legal advice.

* All prices are net plus mandatory sales tax. The minimum contract term is 12 months.