Comprehensive Shop Inspection

Enabling you to do business in Germany without the risk of legal action. We'll review your shop, from the product descriptions to the ordering process.

The Comprehensive Shop Inspection is conducted by a team of experts consisting of our lawyers specializing in IT law. Before, during and after the Comprehensive Shop Inspection, your personal point of contact from our expert team will be on hand to answer any queries you may have. Defined review criteria cover all the legal requirements that are important for online trading. Of course, we consider the latest changes to legislation when reviewing your shop.


Services & benefits for your online platform / shop:

  1. A personal legal expert supports you during the entire Comprehensive Shop Inspection process.
  2. You receive all relevant legal texts at no additional cost.
  3. A complete, web-based in-depth shop audit report makes troubleshooting fast and simple.
  4. A successful review guarantees an online presence that is consistent with the law and is legally secure.
  5. You receive a comprehensive assumption of liability guarantee.

Requirements for a Comprehensive Shop Inspection

  1. You have your own online shop with shopping cart system
  2. You only sell physical goods (no downloadable products, no services) and / or offer repair services (using a shopping cart function without advance quotes)
  3. Your offers are aimed only at consumers or consumers and contractors (no sales exclusively to companies – B2B)

Assistance with legal warnings

  • Legal texts in 8 languages
  • Unlimited legal advice via e-mail and telephone
  • Assistance with legal warnings – no matter if it's your fault or not
  • Comprehensive shop inspection
  • Certification with Käufersiegel trust mark
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