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Have you received a warning under competition law? We can help!

Upon receipt of a warning under competition law, you are accused of violating the Unfair Competition Act (UWG). Almost every online retailer has already had to deal with this topic. We show you how to act correctly when issued a warning under competition law.

Get help from Händlerbund!

  • We provide fast & unlimited help in the case of a warning letter.
  • We assume all costs for your legal representation.
  • If you wish, we can represent you in all court instances.
  • We reduce the warning costs for you*.
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Your next steps if you have received a warning under competition law

First of all: Take the warning seriously, but at the same time keep calm. Premature reactions like signing the cease-and-desist order should be avoided at all costs.

Upload your warning using the warning uploader and become an Unlimited member. Within the framework of an Unlimited membership, our lawyers will clarify the facts as quickly as possible as to what extent the claims made are justified and requiered, and will discuss further proceedings with you as soon as possible.

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Do not sign the cease-and-desist declaration immediately!

By signing a cease-and-desist declaration, which usually accompanies the warning letter, you are entering into a contract that is generally valid for an unlimited period! The cease-and-desist declaration is usually formulated so vaguely that a further warning under competition law can threaten an excessive contractual penalty. It is not uncommon for fines in the five-digit range to be imposed. Therefore, before signing the cease-and-desist declaration, seek advice from experienced lawyers in order to avoid these costly contractual penalties.

The complete solution for online traders aiming for success

Unlimited Membership €49.90*p. mth.
  • fast & unlimited assistance from experienced lawyers in the event of a written warning
  • unlimited legal advice
  • preparation of secure legal texts
  • including assumption of liability guarantee & update service
  • in-depth legal shop survey
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* All prices are net plus mandatory sales tax payable as an annual fee.
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