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Copyright Law Warnings

Copyright infringement warnings are not uncommon in online business. Above all, because of the unauthorised use of pictures and texts, shop operators are requested to sign a cease-and-desist declaration which includes a fine. The following works are protected by copyright: photographs and images, graphics and designs, software, texts and article descriptions, music and jingles, as well as films and videos.

What to do if you have received a copyright warning

If you have received a warning for copyright infringement, you should take the matter seriously, but at the same time keep calm. A letter from a competitor or an image agency requesting payment of license fees or a warning letter from a law firm for copyright infringement should in any case be carefully examined by a lawyer. Before you sign the enclosed cease-and-desist declaration with penalty clause, it is advisable to clarify whether the claims made are justified at all to the required extent. In some cases, the cease-and-desist declaration is too broad or the amount requested is set too high. Therefore, premature reactions in the case of a warning are neither necessary nor helpful.

Händlerbund helps immediately

Our lawyers specialising in IT law have already processed several hundred warning letters for copyright infringement. Upload your warning directly. We will call you back immediately to discuss the next steps. With our personal legal support we help you to get rid of the warning quickly.

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What is a copyright infringement?

In order to protect intellectual property, the legislator has clearly regulated in copyright law which use of protected works constitutes a copyright infringement. The author, to whom the required "amount of work creation" is to be attributed, has the exclusive right to exploit his work comprehensively. This includes the right to make his work publicly accessible or to reproduce it. If another violates this right, the author can defend himself. The method of choice is usually a warning for copyright infringement.

Technically protected works such as pictures, photographs or texts are easy to find and copyright warnings are therefore commonplace. Picture agencies often commission a law firm specialising in this area to prosecute copyright infringements.

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