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eBay Warnings

Business on eBay is booming! Competition on the popular auction platform has risen sharply in recent years – unfortunately, this has also led to a steady increase in the number of warnings for online retailers. There are many reasons why warnings are issued to sellers. Usually a cease-and-desist declaration is sent directly, which is punishable by fine. If you have also been warned, we will be happy to help you within the scope of an Unlimited membership.

Have you received a warning on eBay?

Our qualified lawyers have many years of experience in this field - we check whether the warning is justified and represent you competently in all matters. It is not unusual for cease-and-desist letters to be sent out with the aim of collecting fees – so-called mass cease-and-desist letters. Another indication is, for example, the relationship between the lawyer and his client. Whether there is an abuse of legal warnings, however, must be checked in each individual case. In addition, we will be happy to advise you on how you can trade on the popular online marketplace in the future.

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eBay Warning – 5 of the most frequent reasons for warning

  • General Terms and Conditions
    The use of inadequate terms and conditions are very frequent reasons for a warning on eBay. Similarly, inadmissible agreements on jurisdiction vis-à-vis consumers are often given. This is often the case with private sales.
  • Cancellation Policy
    Online merchants are often warned about the use of outdated cancellation instructions. A non-existent sample form for cancellation is also often the subject of a warning.
  • Item Description on eBay
    A warning can be issued on eBay because online merchants advertise as a matter of course or restrict the right of withdrawal in an inadmissible manner. The statement "return only in original packaging", for example, could earn one a warning. In this context, inadequate implementation of the statutory duty to provide information is often criticised. More and more frequently, this involves the presentation of the essential characteristics of the product or the missing indication of the mandatory labelling (e.g. energy efficiency class). Furthermore, you should not adopt standardised product descriptions without checking, as you may be held liable for incorrect information.
  • Basic Price Quotation
    Those who issue warnings are increasingly taking a look at basic price information. If these are forgotten or not displayed in the immediate vicinity of the final prices, a warning can be issued.

    Attention! At the moment we receive more and more warnings, represented by the lawyers Haase & Poppe, in which allegedly missing basic price data on eBay are listed as a reason for warning. We will help you if you too have been warned.
  • Shipping Terms
    The missing or insufficient identification of the forwarding expenses is also a frequent reason for possible warnings.

Further Reasons for a Warning on eBay

One often finds errors right in the title of the offer. For example, if you use a brand name in the heading, there is a risk of warning. The use of such so-called "eye catchers" for the description of the offered goods is not permitted if no product of the mentioned brand is sold at all.

Another reason for warning is the use of protected images. This is a common problem on eBay in particular, as many merchants simply copy images from other website operators and integrate them into the shop. To avoid a warning on eBay, only use images you have created yourself or obtained from one of the numerous picture agencies.

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