You received a legal warning
What to do now?

Almost every online retailer has at some point received post from a warning letter lawyer. If a competitor or the consumer protection authority notices an infringement of competition law on your website, a warning letter may be issued and an injunction may be requested. The warning costs usually go into the 3 to 4-digit range.
  • Stay calm! Do not throw the warning into the bin andobserve the deadlines set!
  • Do NOT sign the cease-and-desist declaration immediately!
  • Do NOT pay the claimed amount immediately!

Have a warning checked

Have the warning checked by a specialist lawyer. They can help you:

I need help immediately - what should I do?

1. Upload your written warning

Use our warning uploader to send us your written warning. As an Unlimited or Professional member our specialized legal team will assist you quickly. Become a member now, so you can profit from legal assistance and many more services. Basic or Premium members can upgrade in our login-area.

Warning uploader

Send us all documents now. In order to be able to represent you retroactively, it is necessary to book the Unlimited or Professional membership package. You’ll also benefit from many other services, such as a shop inspection, legal text services and much more.


2. Our legal team receives the warning

Once we have received your written warning, you will receive a confirmation and we will get back to you quickly.

3. Assessment by a lawyer

Your legal warning will be checked by a lawyer. We will let you know whether the warning is justified, the cease-and-desist declaration should be modified and whether the demanded costs are appropriate.

Assistance with legal warnings

  • Legal texts in 8 languages
  • Unlimited legal advice via e-mail and telephone
  • Assistance with legal warnings – no matter if it's your fault or not
  • Comprehensive shop inspection
  • Certification with Käufersiegel trust mark
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