A Child Protection Representative for Your Website

If your website incorporates content that could influence or harm the young, the lawmakers require special precautions to be in place to protect children and minors.

The regular implementation of a child and youth protection representative goes hand in hand with technical and organisational precautions.

  1. Child and Youth Protection Representative for online shops and marketplaces
  2. Advice from our specialised legal experts
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Legal Security and Child Protection on the Internet 

It is widely known that there are advisory labels for pornographic content or products like movies and games. But images on DVDs, alcohol, cigarettes and so on need to be considered as well.
We help you fulfill all legal requirements. We will put a qualified child and youth protection representative at your disposal – through them you will fulfill your legal requirements.

Child & Youth Protection

  • Setup of child and youth protection for your online presence
  • Advice on child and youth protection through experienced lawyers
  • A competent contact partner for your users
  • An increase in trust from your customers through effective child and youth protection
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