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A Child Protection Representative for Your Website

Legal Security and Child Protection on the Internet

If your website incorporates content that could influence or harm the young, the lawmakers require special precautions to be in place to protect children and minors.
The regular implementation of a child and youth protection representative goes hand in hand with technical and organisational precautions.

Jugendschutzpaket vom Händlerbund

Who is subject to the legal responsibility of putting child and youth protection in place?

§ 7 JMStV., states that it is the responsibility of the provider and/or the operator of the online presence to put child and youth protection in place, up to the full standards of the law, impeding content of a sexual or violent nature (i.e. pictures, films, computer games, etc.) found on online and platform shops as well as blogs and forums harming the development or well-being of children and the young.

If an online operator fails to meet this responsibility, he/she runs the risk of, on one hand, receiving fines, whilst receiving expensive legal written warnings from competitors on the other.

What purposes does a child and youth protection representative serve?

Child and youth protection representatives provide:
  • A contact for the users of the online offer
  • Advice for the operator.

As contact for the users, the child and youth protection representative provides a way to make illegal content known and allows parents or legal guardians to have a look at and be advised on existing technical security possibilities. The representative also advises the operator as to whether something is admissible under the laws of child and youth protection.

That is why the child and youth protection representative must, in accordance with § 7 IV JMStV, have specialist knowledge of the following:
  • Legal expertise in youth media protection law
  • A basic technical knowledge regarding the fundamental functions of the Internet and
  • A basic knowledge of developmental psychology and pedagogy.

Our Services

We will put a qualified child and youth protection representative at your disposal – through them you will fulfil your legal requirements.

  • The setup of child and youth protection for your online presence
  • Advice on child and youth protection through experienced lawyers
  • A competent contact partner for your users
  • An increase in trust from your customers through effective child and youth protection
Jugendschutz für Online-Präsenzen

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