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The most frequently asked questions by our online retailers

The aim of the Packaging Act is to promote the principle of the manufacturer's product responsibility. In the past, some manufacturers have not complied with the law. The Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister (Central Packaging Registry) creates transparency and increases product responsibility. The aim is to avoid unnecessary packaging waste.

How does registration work?

Is the retailer obliged to participate in the system if the goods sold are shipped directly by the manufacturer and he/she therefore does not "come into contact" with the packaging at all? (Dropshipping)

Does the retailer still have to register in these dropshipping cases?

In what cases does a manufacturer or distributor not have to participate in a dual system?

But does the duty to register only apply to a certain quantity?

What about used shipping materials? Are they subject to registration?

Is there a charge for registration?

What are the consequences of violations of the Packaging Act?

Does a message that the shop has registered with the Central Registry have to be noted in the online shop?

What should be done if it is not clear whether the packaging is "typically" generated as waste?

Can someone else be asked to register?

Legal advice & warning representation from Händlerbund

As part of the Premium or Unlimited membership package, you can take advantage of legal advice, depending on the scope of services, and prepare yourself comprehensively for the new packaging law. If you should receive a warning for incorrect implementation in the future, we will advise you and help you with further procedures in the case of a warning.

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  • fast & unlimited assistance from experienced lawyers in the event of a written warning
  • unlimited legal advice
  • preparation of secure legal texts
  • including assumption of liability guarantee & update service
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