Legal texts for marketplaces

  1. Creation of individual legal texts by lawyers specialized in IT law
  2. Free update service of course including liability assumption
  3. Legal liability for legal texts
  4. Set-up instructions and extensive legal tips
  5. Text management: all entries can be changed at any tim

Legal texts for 50+ platforms

As a member we provide you with legally compliant terms and conditions for online shops, blogs, forums, and 50+ sales platforms. For example for:

amazon-logo-transparent /

We provide legal texts for and, for Unlimited and Professional members, for (according to US law).

You receive legal texts for As a Professional member, we also help with eBay and Amazon account blockings.

Do you need legal texts for Etsy? We've got you covered. Legal consultation is possible starting with the Premium membership package.


Which legal texts does Händlerbund provide?

We provide legal texts (general terms and conditions, privacy policy, imprint, and cancellation policy) for the B2B & B2C sector, as well as for various platforms (including Amazon, eBay, and around 40 other platforms) on which you sell as a trader, and of course for your own online shop.

Who creates the legal texts?

Our legal texts are created by a lawyer experienced in IT law. Of course, you will be informed in a special newsletter in a timely manner if your legal texts need to be adapted, for example due to legal changes. This service is free of charge for you.

Are legal texts provided for international trade?

Yes, you can use our legal texts for trading in the European Union. In the Unlimited and Professional membership package, the legal texts are provided in German and 7 other languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Arabic) through the member area."

Is there a service for automatic updates?
We offer an interface for over 30 shop systems (such as Strato, JTL, Shopware, Magento) through which legal texts can be updated automatically. We are happy to assist you with this. 

Our Memberships

  • Legal text in up to 8 languages
  • Secure Cookie Banner Solution
  • Consultation by Lawyers (Premium or higher)
  • Shop Inspection (Unlimited and higher)
  • Assistance with legal warnings (Unlimited and higher)
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