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Käufersiegel Customer Review System

Start collecting customer reviews for free!

Gaining the trust of potential customers is one of the great challenges of trading online. In particular, the anonymous and cross-regional nature of online trading often makes it difficult to convince customers that you are a trustworthy shop with quality products and service.

Total number of reviews
Using the Käufersiegel Customer Review System

Benefits of the Käufersiegel Customer Review System

  • Unlimited number of online shops and shop reviews
  • A review overview page optimised for search engines
  • Overall eBay score can also be displayed on the overview page
  • Comment feature for customers and online retailers
  • Protection against abuse of the review system
  • Notification of negative reviews
  • Existing comments transferred free of charge

Through the Käufersiegel, customers review your store based on four different criteria with a star rating via a user-friendly and intuitive interface. Star ratings are given for the following criteria: product, shipping costs, delivery time and customer service. These categories make it easier for the customer to provide a review, while also ensuring that reviews are of high quality.

Are you already using a customer rating system from another provider?
With just a few clicks you can import ratings from other systems, e.g. Protected Shops or eKomi, into the Käufersiegel Review System for free.

Easy integration of the Käufersiegel Customer Review System

Our Käufersiegel Customer Review System is easily integrated into your online shop system using a specially configured interface.

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